Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Family Fun Day

On week days its normally the same routine every day for us, we come home I cook dinner, after dinner its bath and then story, Simpsons then bed.

On a Monday at my daughters school there is a family fun day in the hall, its a great way to interact and have that special time with your children.

Normally at home we have a board game out or play the Nintendo Wii at the weekends or day off unless it is sunny outside, but family fun day is a great opportunity to meet other parents and for children to make new friends.

Family fun day starts from 3:30 to 4:30 but in that hour we do so many activities, such as pretending to be monkeys swinging from imaginary vines, and pirates, scrubbing the deck and climbing the rigging its lots of fun and getting are bodies moving and learning fun ways to exercise. The children also enjoy seeing their parent acting silly and having a laugh.

It only lasts for 12 weeks, and each week we get a book of the activities we have been doing so we can continue it at home. we also got a board game that enables families to have fun, play and be more physically active together. Each time you land on a TTT icon, you will take a card and be given a choice of physical challenges and a move forward opportunity linked to the challenge it could be balance challenges to coordination challenges.

Each week is different and you never know what you are going to be doing next. We all love it and cant wait for next Monday and see what we are going to be.

Does your child/children school have days for the family?
Or do you go to any after school clubs with them?

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Wedding celebration

It's been a while since I have had a night out, so when I got a call off my mum saying my cousin was getting married I was over the moon, not only was I going out , I was going to see my family that I haven't seen for a long time and of course I was happy for my cousin the bride to be.

Unfortunately my children wasn't able to go ,it started to late and in the end they would be miserable because they would be tired, so my partner (there dad) kindly offered to look after them while I went, all through the week I was excited.

The day of the wedding come round. I was up early with excitement, doing my hair and painting my nails, but didn't know what to wear, I had a floral top with jeans or my floral trousers with a orange top. when I got to my mums I decided the floral trousers and orange to would be best (happy colours).

Soon after we were on our way, it was a 2 hour journey to St.Augstines in West Gate but eventually we was there, saying hello to the family and congratulating my cousin the bride and her husband, and ordered a few drinks mainly vodka and coke my favourite.

After a while we headed to the large hall where my cousin and her husband cut the cake, the music was blaring. As I said hello to more of the family in the hall I noticed a little table that had caught my eye, sadly my late uncle had passed away and the table was a memorial with a photo and a candle, it brought a tear to my eyes, and made that day even more special to know that everyone was thinking of him and felt like he was in the room with us all.

There was so much food so as always my plate was filled to the top (as you do). Not long after eating most of us were out of our seats doing the Conga around the hall, well I was laughing all the way through it, and that song was followed by the Hokey Cokey, I was in tears of laughter by this time.

My auntie said there was a funny photo booth, so off we went, there were hats and glasses and other bits that you put on before you go in, and strike a pose, it was hilarious.

After a few more drinks it was time to go, I had such an amazing time and so nice to see the family again hopefully the next wedding will be my own but I wouldn't hold my breathe.

This has been the highlight of the year.
What has been your highlight so far?

Friday, 13 May 2016

Eczema creams

When my son was born I noticed he had very dry skin,the doctors told me it was because he was 11 days late, I asked her what the best thing to use for it and told me sudo creme would be fine as baby oil had to many chemicals in it.

Then 2 days later the dry skin started to peel, I thought once it had all come off that would be it, but after the skin peeled it would come back and peel again.

A month later he started scratching all over his body especially his face and even though I put mittens on him a few seconds later they would be off again. So I started putting socks on his hands, That worked a lot better but in the night they were off and again he started scratching.

In the end it got so bad that the sides of his face had become infected, so I took him to the doctor and they told me it was severe eczema and gave me a prescription for antibiotic cream for the infection and moisterising creams for the dry skin. I also went to Holland and Barrets to see what they had for dry skin and purchased Dead Sea Bath Salts, It didn't make much difference and the cream alone wasn't making his eczema any better, So I tried oats, you put oats in a sock and run the bath water through it and was surprised how soft his skin was after a soak.

I was told to cream him 5 times a day, but after an hour or so his skin was dry again. So after 2 weeks i decided to take him back to the doctors. I got prescribed different creams (which are in the picture above) they are working amazingly, I noticed a big difference almost straight away.

Dermol Lotion is used as a soap substitute as normal shower gel or soap irritates his skin.
Centraben cream I use for his body.
Zeroderm ointment I use for his scalp.

I also have Betamethasone Valerate (Betnovate cream) which is a steroid cream for the bad spots of eczema like his ankles, wreists and behind the ears. This cream thins the skin so I use it for 2-3 days and then miss 2-3 days.

I have noticed a big difference since using these creams.
So if you or anyone you know suffers from eczema visit your GP and ask to try these creams.

Even though Dead Sea Bath Salt from holland and barrets didn't work for my son i absolutely love it, it made my skin so smooth and will defiantly buy it again, try it and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Home made cake with no egg

Hi guys I have a fab recipe for everyone to try especially if you or your children/family have egg allergies as these are egg free cakes, as you can tell I'm not a professional, but that doesn't stop me I still enjoy making them and they taste amazing.


6 Oz plain flour
3 Tsp baking powder
2 1/2 Oz margarine
2 1/4 Oz sugar
1 Tbl spoon golden syrup
1/4 Pint of milk

Grease and line 2 18cm/7inch sandwich tins.
Put oven on gas mark 5


1.Sieve flour and baking powder into a bowl.

2.Cream the margarine, sugar and golden syrup together in a bowl until light and fluffy.

3.Add a little bit of flour then a little bit of milk and repeat until all the flour and milk has been added, and the mixture is smooth and well combined (add a little bit of milk or water if the mixture is too stiff).

4.Divide the mixture between the 2 sandwich tins.

5.Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown.

6.Remove the cake from the oven and set aside to cool slightly.

7.Remove the cakes from the tins and leave to cool completely.

8.To serve sandwich the cakes together with a filling of your chose.

And enjoy

You don't have to make big cakes, little cupcakes are always nice as well
if you are making a birthday cake double the ingredient  which I done when I made the birthday cake that are above.

Have a go and tell my what you think.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Day At The Park

So I enjoyed a beautiful day at the park with my son and fellow blogger Charli from Charli B who happens to be my best friend, we have been friends since we were little girls and as long as I can remember spending our days in and out of each others houses and spending summers together. My son had inset day today but returns to nursery tomorrow makes a change for the sun to be shinning and have to get out there while you can. 

His jumper was purchased at Asda and a bargain at £5 it has been washed several times as my son is mad about avengers I will also be buying him pyjamas which are a bargain at £8 and also buy clothes for myself. 

What do you do when your children have inset day?
Do you shop at Asda?