Monday, 4 July 2016



Growing up I was extremely interested in animals and always wanted to be a vet and even went to college to study animal care, but due to reasons I didn't carry on with the animal course at Nescot college in Epson.

I have had lots of pets in the past, I have had 2 rabbits, cockatiel, 3 fish, 4 hamsters, and 2 guinea pig that were both pregnant and ended up with 11. ( I didn't have them all at once)

when I moved out of my mums I decided to get a dog a Staffordshire bull terrier called Lucky she was so loyal and a great companion but due to moving I had to rehome her and I was heartbroken.

A few years later I had my eldest daughter Paige, followed by Isla two years later, then I had my son Alfie 18 months later. As you can properly tell I didn't have the time to care for another pet. But as they got older they started having an interest in animals.

So I decided to get a rabbit, I started looking around and spotted 2 rabbits on Gumtree, when my partner got home from work I told him I bought the rabbits and they were on there way being delivered well the look on his face was priceless, he didn't even know I was looking to buy a animal.

When I got them I was shocked there was a little white rabbit called Buffy she is a lop eared rabbit but Biscuit was much bigger as you can tell she is a English lop eared rabbit, and I would say is the size of medium dog. Me and the children fell in love with them instantly.

6 months later my partner wanted to get a snake, people have mixed feelings about snakes, but I always wanted one, so along came Cedric a corn snake, I was a bit nervous to hold him at first but eventually I held him, and he is actually a great pet and loves to be held by all of us.

After a while my partner wanted to get a Bearded dragon I wasn't to sure I thought It would run up the walls and around the house, but when my auntie bought one for my cousin and said how friendly they are I had to get one. But I was shocked everything I needed for a bearded dragon would come to just over £200, so I looked on Gumtree and spotted a 2 year old bearded dragon for £80, he was living in a college and was held daily and was really tame so we got him and called him Mario.

I am not looking to get more pets I think I have enough for now. Do you have any pets?

Always remember to do your research before getting a pet to see if they are the right pet for you.

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